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Founded in 2016


We provide a high level practices based on a self and unique methodology and staff. The team is focus on represent the city of Dallas in National and International tournaments. We support players in being more competitive and helping itself in finding a path through tryouts around Europe, providing opportunities or other personal goal. Real football/soccer is here

Routine is part of the soccer environment. Subscribe for the team and be commitment with the team:Monday Evening, Wednesday evening and Friday morning.


Premium Practices

Small group practices for experienced players. If your goal is to be professional or make a difference during a game, this is your perfect place. Shooting for Strikers, specific exercises for midfielders, tactic movements for defenders... A fun and innovative way to proficient your soccer performance.

 Book your class now. 



Be part of the team and take advantage of the exclusive events. Tournament and tryouts will be available for our players along the year. 

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