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Beautiful battle, disputed in Sky blue, Allen. Young teams performed a tough game, where Dallas International won after concede less mistakes than its opponent. The team control the different phases of the game demonstrating that they are having enough experience to show more than the showed during the first three games. Dallas International got a head scoring his first goal in the 15' after several approaches to the Cross city FC goal.

The game was under control during the rest of the first half only conceding one chance to the opponent during the next 30minutes. The team feels confortable combining and creating chances and crosses from both sides of the field. It was in an unlucky play, in the 50th minutes of the game, when a great ball from the left back on behind of the defensive line, in doubtable fault, the number 9, get advantage of the no fault and introduce the ball in Dallas International goal.

Coach Angel shake the substitution to recovery the team confidence and Isau get into the game. After get the control back only 7 minutes were enough to change direction of the game one more time. The second and third goal arrived after an amazing and quick combination by the attacking players when Isau get the ball in to the Cross city fc goal.

The game was 1-3 now and a perfect game was played. However in soccer nothing is decided before the final whistle. A lucky counter attack action was enough to get Cross city back to the game scoring the 2-3 and disturb the last minutes of the game where Dallas International demonstrate his united and sacrifice for the team.

Looking forward to host Sporting North Texas next Saturday time TBD


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