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Outstanding referees performance to sadly conditioning the result.

It was an excited game for players and entities who expect player protagonists, hard work in the field, and a good soccer level.

Everything was ready for a great game, with certainly MPL teams surprises like last minutes or one time player signings that become usual, but at the end, everyone understand these things for the best of the soccer level.

However the player wasn't the primary actors in this game. Ref's worked on Saturday to be the important actors in this movie.

Everyone may understand certainly mistakes during a game. Be ref's is one of the hardest duties in the world. However, it is inadmissible starting a game with 30 minutes delay because two of the three ref's are not ready and on time at the beginning of the game and one of those show up 30 minutes before the final whistle.

It's really sad to see how non professional ref's that doesn't care about players development or games performance, are allowed to go into leagues and negatively affect the results and play with the hard work provided by players and clubs during the leagues.

Leagues administrators may support clubs and take responsibilities and making sure this bad habits are our of the soccer fields.


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